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Unban please :heart:


 Me and my friend were/are very new to the server, and didnt know the rules very well, and the land(s) and crops were unclaimed so we didn't really know if we could touch and take blocks or not so we did, now that we see it was someones we feel super bad that we took the blocks which they probably worked hard to get. We wouldn't do it again, and we genuinely didn't mean to and it was an honest mistake which ill say again we feel terrible about.

I don't exactly know who banned me and my friend.

We genuinely are kind people who would never on purpose do that, we really want to come back to our pets as-well we just got a baby kitten and have started a life in your community, we're very sorry and have learned from our mistakes.

We love the community, and our proud mothers of a family of cats. We have started building a beach house and mini town. We regret our mistakes and wish and hope we can be forgiven. Heart
Ok so, the reason for your ban was grief. You destroyed someone's clearly player-made house, which is against the rules. This is in /rules as well as in the tutorial you had to complete in order to get into the server

[Image: ggXQh9k.png]

[Image: B9Yzdke.png]

[Image: ujYH5T7.png]

Now to proceed with this appeal I'm going to need you to answer a few questions. I will need at least 2 sentences per question-

Are you allowed to modify people's builds, even if they aren't claimed?

Are you allowed to take people's stuff from chests even if they're unclaimed?

What did you learn from this?
Unbelievable! You, Subject name here, must be the pride of Subject hometown here. -GLaDOS
 [Image: 3QynCgb.png] 
[Image: BbFygKt.png]

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