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/warp CillyArt
Hello!, Most of you know me as Cil, and today I present you CillyArt. Currently CillyArt really isnt open as I haven't been able to get on much, but I plan to build a studio where people can view my artwork, and where I sell it, (Its also probably going to be my house because im that much of a noob), But, currently before I get that studio actually set up, I'm going to be using a market stall to sell a few paintings. but one of my main selling points from CillyArt last "map" when we had artmap was that I would do custom commisions, and that's what I'm going to be doing this time as well, (But I'll also be doing my own work and selling it in my personal shop) 
SO essentially warp CillyArt will soon be a
  • Gallery
  • Commission shop
  • Regular Artshop
    • (my house)
    • (will also lead to my regular /warp CillyShop if I ever decide to do that)

But the main reason I'm posting this is because I'm going to be taking commissions, *I have the right to drop commissions if they are too hard, or if I don't have time to do them. I also have the right to refuse service to any player if they are rude, impatient, or for any reason I deem fit. 

To submit a commission you can do that by /mail ing me in game, (/mail send ThatOneWolfe) or you can also do that here! *Note: I will see commissions on here more easily as I cannot get online in game every day, but I check forums every single day.

To submit a commission all I need is
  • Your Ign
  • The size you want it to be
  • (A reference image link if you deem it fit) [If it can't be sent here, send a message to me through discord, {@Cil#4800}]
  • Description of the image
  • [Optional: Why you are wanting this image]
  • [If I can display a copy of the artmap in my Gallery] [Note: I will always keep a copy of any artmap I do to easily sell you another one in case the current one is lost {Copies will only be sold to the seller, but for half the original cost of the armap}]
  • If I can sell a copy of the artmap in my Art shop [A sign will be posted on with your ign claiming it was your original commission] [Copies of the artmaps that are in the store will be sold at a 5% higher price than the original commision that you payed]
Note: If payed before I get the commision to you, you will not be refunded, and I will ask for the amount at the end REGARDLESS if you have sent it before I finished the commission. This is so no deals are final. 

Note: Copying my artwork [Making your own artmap that pixel by pixel is a copy of mine included] or re-selling it will not be allowed, and will be seen as an exploitation of my shop and consequences WILL be followed through,

Such consequences could be a Banning from my shop, a Ban from all my warps, etc.

On a good note though, Every week I will ask for you guys to decide what I paint next that goes into my regular art shop

Images of the /warp CillyArt will be posted once the building is completed
Promoted to Elite - 7/29/19
All dreams are possible, it just takes time - Cil
Prices can fluctuate but here will be my current prices:
1x1 = 50$
1x2 = 110$
1x3 = 175$
1x4 = 250$
1x5 = 325$
2x2 = 250$
2x3 = 400$
2x4 = 600$
2x5 = 750$
3x4 = 1300$
3x5 = 1600$
4x4 = 1650$
4x5 = 2500$
5x5 = 3000$
*These are baseline prices, They could be significantly cheaper, or a bit higher depending on what you are asking me to paint in artmap, (If you want something like a 10 x 10 artmap its gonna be like 15k)
Promoted to Elite - 7/29/19
All dreams are possible, it just takes time - Cil
Reminder: you CAN apply for a commission in game by /mail send ing me, or shooting me a message in discord @Cil#4800. I will also set a book system of commissions at ./warp CillyArt once it is set up
Promoted to Elite - 7/29/19
All dreams are possible, it just takes time - Cil

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