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Server you were banned on: SMP

Minecraft name:timon27

Reason for your ban:masive recolting

Who banned you:Hiyoko

Why should you unbanned:I just needed some food.I should br unbanned because i am ussualy kind and respect the rules.I never thought that rule existed. Smile.I hope i am unbanned.I should take the tutorial again!

Why do you want to come back: Beacause it is a beautiful server and i really liked the community.I wont do that again.From now on,i will replant.
Hi there!

I don't think you meant to break the Server Rules, but you need to be careful at reading warp rules. They're usually on signposts in front of the warp. Now, I'll give you an easy task, just answer the following question.

Why is it important to replant at public warps?

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