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Ban Appeal
Server you were banned on (SMP/Discord): SMP Server

Minecraft name: Molten_Man_47

Reason for your ban: banned for lag machine

Who banned you: It doesn't say

Why should you be unbanned: I didn't know that the machine I built was a lag machine. I built it to
make door noises to annoy my friend. I really like building redstone machines but I won't build a
machine like that again. I know that lag machines are bad and didn't mean to harm the server.

Why do you want to come back: My best friend plays on this server, and if you unban me I will reread
the rules and not get banned again because I want to play with him.
I believe I banned you, please answer the following questions:

Why is it wrong to purposefully cause lag?
What could go wrong by causing too much lag?
Why is this rule important?
- KatNip
Why is it wrong to purposefully cause lag? It is wrong to purposefully cause lag because it ruins the game for everyone on the server, including me.

What could go wrong by causing too much lag? The server could crash, or it could become so laggy that it is unplayable.

Why is this rule important? If people were allowed to make machines that cause lag, the server would definitely break and no one would be able to play because of them.
You will be unbanned. If you are caught doing this again the punishment will be much harsher.
Please read the rules when returning, Welcome back to HomeTown!
- KatNip

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