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Pickles Contest #2

Player who builds the best Winter themed build wins either VIP 2 or 10k in game cash. There will be a first place winner and second place winner who wins VIP 1 or 5k in game cash. All players + Staff are welcome to participate. In order to sign up, please reply to this forum post with your in game name.

First Place: VIP 2 or 10k in-game cash
Second Place: VIP 1 or 5k in-game cash
Third Place: 1k in-game cash

Terms and Conditions
Players who grief another player will be automatically disqualified and Banned. 

Players who insult other participants will be disqualified and possibly banned.

Unsportsmanlike conduct will result in removal of the contest. 

Inappropriate builds will lead to disqualification

Use of creative world is off limits. 

Builds can only be independent no teams. 

Pickle has all rights to update rules but will announce rule changes a day-of. 


DEADLINE: December 1st 2019

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