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Server you were banned on (SMP/Discord): Minecraft

Minecraft name: FunctionMaster

Reason for your ban: X-RAY
Who banned you: Melaniebeedot

Why should you be unbanned: I don't have the number of resources someone should have using Xray to mine for diamonds. 

Why do you want to come back: I have a lot of time invested on the server. I also have things I need to complete for other players.
I'm sorry, so.. your stance is that there isn't sufficient evidence of diamond accumulation to prove use of x-ray? 
Alright. Let me show you a few screenshots here of what I did find.

Here we can see a nice cave wall that you randomly decided to tunnel into:
[Image: FGI7oWQ.png]

[Image: Ipk0AWH.png]

Where you conveniently found and tunneled straight towards 3 separate veins of diamonds:

[Image: hxOvCLR.png]

Including this bountiful pit full of a multitude of different ores:

[Image: 2UniBLp.png]

From there I continued to sift through your logs and I found some nice straight strip-mines, where you conveniently tunnel into the walls at several very fortunate locations to find much more than just diamonds, several blocks deep behind the surface of the tunnel:

[Image: 1RN28zA.png]

[Image: yPbknbm.png]

[Image: OUuznHi.png]

[Image: 1V00RoE.png]

[Image: 4prCZrJ.png]

[Image: vAZ18SJ.png]

Need I go on?

If you are genuinely interested in returning to the server, I would recommend being honest with me..

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