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Ban appeal of FoxSmith
Server you were banned on: SMP

Minecraft name: FoxSmith

Reason for your ban: trespassing/grief (don't remember doing any grief)

Who banned you: derpedo

Why should you be unbanned: I feel I should be unbanned because I do not remember committing any form of grief on the server. If this involves flying around warp Illo, (accidentally going outside the border sometimes,) It's because i was bored and didn't notice the border. I apologize for any form of "grief" I have done. I am a curious person and try and mingle with others when I am bored. (ex: going to find Cova/Cab/Ventus when they were working on redstone/building projects.

Why do you want to come back: I would like to come back to the server because I like helping others there, playing on it, and love the community in general. I also would like to complete my server birb park, which is currently under construction atm. Thank you for reading this appeal; and I am truly sorry for any commotion I may have caused to get me banned.

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