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Ban Appeal of PhantomHorse5
Name: Sheppboi
Trying to unban: PhantomHorse5

Reason of ban: Not replanting chorus plants

Why PhantomHorse5 should be unbanned: I told my friend that /warp chorus is a public farm and that you can take the crops there, but he never saw the replant rules because he didn't go to /warp farm. He also didn't see the beginning quiz, because my brother took the quiz and he (friend) didn't. So, yeah it was an accident. Partially my fault too because I never told him the replant rules.

Your friend has to make his own appeal in the proper format, you cannot appeal for him.
Well, my little brother is basically the only one who plays on this server and he's young, so, well he really can't do it. My friend also plays, but he doesn't have full permission to do this or other things on small websites.
Hello! Given this circumstance, we are willing to allow you to do the appealing, as long as you make it clear for your little brother, that there are rules that has to be followed.
Although i do have a note for the ban appeal. He wasn't banend for not replanting chorus fruit. He harvested a whole side of cocoa beans and forgot to replant, hence the ban. But if you can make sure that he has the rules in mind when playing on the server, he will be unbanned.

I have talked to my brother and he says he won't do it again. He really likes the server, and even though he barely gets on, it's like the only server he knows. I told him more rules about the server, so he is like 99% likely not to break the rules.

Perfect! I will make sure he gets unbanned as soon as possible!

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