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Ban Appeals
Server you were banned on (SMP/Discord)Confusedmp.hometownmc.com

Minecraft name: malakas06

Reason for your ban: theft

Who banned you: Arrei

Why should you be unbanned: This action is non-tolerable in the hometown server and I realize that this action should be punished. I'm well-aware that there are consequences in my action but I really am regretful of that immature doing. If I were given a second chance to come back in the server I would be better and act more maturely. I know I ruined others gameplay and I'm very sorry to those players because I ruined their gamepleay experience During those times that I commited a rule-breaking action, I didn't expect that outcome because of my internet's lag and thinking it was a glitched. I believe that second chance is an option because other than those action I've enjoyed everything and invited most of my friends to join the server. 

Why do you want to come back: I would like to come back to the server because I think that there are no other server that is best fitted in just enjoying the game with friends and new people from the server. This server introduce me to other people after playing single player games, and I would really appreciate the second chance you guys would give me. I will do better in my return. Thanks for consideration. Won't happen again.
Since the damage was minor, we'll let you off with this. Upon your return, you will be expected to return the items you took to a staff member for disposal. If you can agree to this, we will unban you.
Okay, I will return those things, thank you! where can I exactly return the things i've stolen?
Please contact a staff member and give the items to them. You have been unbanned, welcome back to Hometown.
thank you! will do

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