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Ban appeal
Server you were banned on (SMP/Discord):SMP
Minecraft name: Your text

Reason for your ban:i was x-ray 
Who banned you:Geck/RTY

Why should you be unbanned:i am new as i joined today and i was testing to see how strict the rules were 

Why do you want to come back:me and my friend just joined 
So you were banned for using x-ray, which clearly is stated to be against the rules, several places, including the quiz you took before joining the server. Since x-raying is against the rules, it is enforced strictly.
As per server standards, if unbanned, you are required to hand over all your diamonds and your balance will be set to 0. Furthermore your ban will become a 30-day tempban.
But before all this, I would like you to answer these 3 questions:
1) Why is xraying bad?
2) How does xraying affect the economy?
3) What have you learned from this ban?
(12-19-2019, 01:43 AM)LegendaryRTY Wrote: 1) Why is xraying bad? it takes away the fun of the game
2) How does xraying affect the economy? there would be a sudden influx of diamonds and thene there would be hyperinflation and i would become the riches player
3) What have you learned from this ban? not to x-ray on the server as it would destroy the game for the other players
Although you have answered the questions, I'd appreciate if you could give some more elaborate answers. Between 2-3 sentences please.

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