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Ban Appeal
Server you were banned on (SMP/Discord): smp.hometownmc.com

Minecraft name: D10_BR4ND0

Reason for your ban: X-ray accomplice

Who banned you: RTY/Melanie

Why should you be unbanned: I was not intentionally an accomplice to x-ray hacking. I have a friend that I play overwatch with who Is in a discord server with me. This dude saw me playing Minecraft and asked to join. I sent him the server IP and he joined. Someone told me the dude had an X-ray resource pack before. I explicitly told him to NOT use x-ray packs on this server because it was wholesome. I dug down his hole and went into a cave, he kept mining. I never saw what was in his inventory I legit found some diamonds in the cave. I'm guessing the dude was X-ray hacking during that time. I apologize if he did break the rules, it was not my intention. All in know for sure is that I did not intentionally help this person to x-ray hack. I do not admit to being an accomplice on purpose, but I also acknowledge that I may have enabled this behavior on the server by giving the dude the IP. I am very sorry for any inconvenience I have caused.

Why do you want to come back: The server is wholesome, well managed and has no lag. Overall great community, very close to vanilla experience etc. 
Thank you for the honest appeal! I do believe that you are sincere and have a wish of comming back to our server.
I will therefore make sure that you are unbanned upon writing this response.

Welcome back to HomeTown!

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