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Ban Appeal
Server you were banned on (SMP/Discord): Hometown

Minecraft name: mini_wooly

Reason for your ban: Grief/Theft 

Who banned you: Guy

Why should you be unbanned: Because I did it as an inside joke with friends and was about to put it back 

Why do you want to come back: Because the server is a good server and me and my friends have made some good progress.
Alright so here's where I stand on this. You and your friends had called over staff for false grief at least twice in the short period you were online today, which is in and of itself a rule violation. Then you turned around and stole around 10k worth of items in a shulker box from an admin, and teleported away. To be unbanned I am going to want you to answer the following two questions.

You say this was a joke, in what way is griefing another player a joke to you and your friends?

Why do we not allow griefing or theft on Hometown?
Discord: Guy#1507 
First of all we didn't ask any admin or Guardian to come to us for any reason. Someone did come to us but none of us asked for that to happen and I had to give a reason that it was a joke. And the "theft" of someone's shulker box was a joke to me and my mates because of what we were talking about on Discord at that time. I was only doing /home to leave my friend there to show him I left with it and then I was about to warp back when I got banned. I would have appreciated to have a verbal warning to put it back so that such a harsh reaction didn't have to happen. You don't allow griefing or theft on hometown because it is against the rules and could possibly upset another player. Thank you for your understanding and I do understand that I cannot give any audio files from the discord and so cannot evidence my claim but it is true.
So, typically I will give a verbal warning, especially with grief, but when it comes to high value items: elytra, beacons, and especially shulker boxes since those don't like to roll back properly they tend to be an immediate ban requiring an appeal. As I pointed out that shulker box was around 10k worth of items between just the box itself and the elytra inside, so I dealt with the situation accordingly. Your appeal is enough for me to be fine with unbanning you, but don't let it happen again, we do not take grief lightly here, even as a "joke".

Welcome back to Hometown.
Discord: Guy#1507 

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