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Ban Appeal
Server you were banned on: SMP

Minecraft name: FoxSmith

Reason for your ban: trespassing/grief (don't remember doing any grief)

Who banned you: derpedo (Derp)

Why should you be unbanned: I feel I should be unbanned because I do not remember committing any form of grief on the server. If this involves flying around warp Illo, (accidentally going outside the border sometimes,) It's because i was bored and didn't notice the border. I apologize for any form of "grief" I have done. I am a curious person and try and mingle with others when I am bored. (ex: going to find Cova/Cab/Ventus when they were working on redstone/building projects.

Why do you want to come back: I would like to come back to the server because I like helping others there, playing on it, and love the community in general. I also would like to complete my server birb park, which is currently under construction atm. Thank you for reading this appeal; and I am truly sorry for any commotion I may have caused to get me banned.
Hey, I’ve been asked to respond to your appeal.

This was your third ban in a conspicuously short period of time. Due to you not being able to follow our rules to the point of now causing damage to another’s builds, it has been decided you won’t be able to return to HT. Best of luck in finding a new server.
Human embodiment of Murphy’s Law, at your service!
please unban me 
1. i was banned for x-raying and i admit to it but i am sorry
2. i will never x-ray again i promise 
3. username Pooh_Bear259
4. banned by RTY
5. i promise to never break the rules again
6. i am really really sorry 
7. can u forgive me please
8. please unban me 
9. i am a good person
10. u can take the diamond armour,sword,axe,shovel,and hoe
11. the pickaxe i made without cheating i promise
12. but u can take if u want 
13. u can take all my stuff for me to get unbanned and i am really sorry
14 last please dont take my claims away please.
                                                                  BY Pooh_Bear259
                                                                 I AM REALLY SORRY
I don't think ur supposed to put that here Pooh

Also I just don't think that I have damaged any sort of build; and, just for the record... get the staff who banned the player to respond. Don't be a shit
dude they live in england they asleep lol
(02-15-2020, 04:30 AM)Pooh_Bear259 Wrote: dude they live in england they asleep lol

Do not post on other player's appeals. You need to wait on a response on yours.

And Fox, calling people "shits" is not really helping your case.
Discord: Guy#1507 
Yeah, "just for the record', your appeal is still denied. And if you disrespect one of our staff members (or any player for that matter) again, be prepared to find new forums.
Human embodiment of Murphy’s Law, at your service!

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