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Ban Appeal
Server you were banned on (SMP/Discord): HometownMC

Minecraft name: __Indie_Nate__

Reason for your ban: Grief

Who banned you: Kat

Why should you be unbanned: When I first joined the server I was a bit out of the loop on what constituted a grief. As a result, I made a few decisions that wound up being the wrong thing to do and made efforts to undo them. Since then I have done my best to avoid doing anything that would constitute griefing. I am guessing that this ban is from something that I did previously, something that I did on accident, or from something that I did not understand was a grief. Regardless, I did it, I will learn from this experience, and I will strive to not do anything like it again.

Why do you want to come back: I've had a really great time playing on this server and I don't want that fun to end. It's one of a kind, and I wish to be a contributor as opposed to a detractor.
According to the logs it was about 50~ hours ago that you had broken a glass platform with lecterns on it, for you to then start building a flat platform on the floor. Someone owns a warp there and you broke the platform to then start creating your build.

I am willing to ask staff or help myself to move your build as someone already owns where you're currently building, if you're willing to accept these conditions I will unban you.
- KatNip
[Image: RudTM3d.png]
Ah yes, I do recall this. I gladly accept these conditions. Thank you!
You will be unbanned.
Welcome back to HomeTown!
- KatNip
[Image: RudTM3d.png]

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