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ban appeal
Server you were banned on (SMP/Discord): smp.hometownmc.com

Minecraft name: Pooh_Bear259

Reason for your ban: x-raying and i am sorry

Who banned you: RTY/melaniebeebot

Why should you be unbanned: i love this server i wanna play with my friend thedutypaid and i will never use x-ray again and i wont break the rules i promise

Why do you want to come back: i love this server and it very fun to play and i want to play with my friends so please forgive me i am really sorry for what i did i know its wrong and i am sorry u can take back the diamond tools,and armour i crafted with them please find it in ur kind heart to forgive me i am so sorry.
Please update your appeal to include the correct information under “Who banned you:”
(02-15-2020, 11:03 AM)melaniebeedot Wrote: Please update your appeal to include the correct information under “Who banned you:”

i did i am really sorry about that and for ma friend bothering u .
so bored
Pestering staff to read your appeal and having your friends do it as well is not a good start to your appeal process. You being bored is your own fault for breaking the rules and getting yourself banned.


Thank you for your honesty and for not trying to just lie to us and deny that you were using x-ray.

That being said, we have a very strict zero-tolerance policy on x-ray here on Hometown. It is clearly stated in the tutorial you read when you first join the server, it’s in the quiz, it’s in the /rules, and it’s at /warp rules, so there’s really no way you couldn’t’ve known it was against the rules, and you chose to do it anyways.

Furthermore, both the /rules command and /warp rules state that x-ray is a permanent ban. However, considering your honesty, I am willing to lessen your sentence to a 30-day tempban instead, starting at the time you were banned. You may return to the server after that. All of your mining wares will be confiscated and your balance will be reset.

In the mean time, you may want to review our online forums rulebook thread to ensure you don’t break any more rules upon your return:

ok thx malanie

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