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a delayed intro
Hi all, vshley here. I've been on HT since I think... January 2019. I honestly can't remember. But, it was the first server that I had consistently played on in probably 6 years. So I call this server home. I phase in and out because of the business with school (senior in college) but minecraft is definitely my top hobby. I enjoy this server and the community. Everyone is welcoming and helpful, not to mention incredibly nice. I enjoy being able to not have to worry about grief and just build what I want.

A few things to know about me:
I'm from Wisconsin, currently living about a mile from Lake Superior. Yes the winters suck here. I have a black cat named Yoda, who is honestly my best friend! I also have a leopard gecko named Oliver, he's pretty awesome. I'm going to school for psychology and eventually want to work with children in a mental health setting, and I graduate in May 2020 (woot woot!). Other hobbies include: painting, drawing, hiking, crocheting etc. 

I've been playing minecraft on and off since Pocket Edition was released. I remember playing on my mom's iPad during our drive from WI to Florida to go to Disney World. Since then, I've taken over my younger brother's mojang account, since he doesn't play anymore or express any interest. I try to consistently check in on the server, but life happens. Sometimes school, work and my social life get really busy! But with that being said, I should be able to be on a lot more in the near future, especially after graduation.

Sorry about this long, overdue introduction. I just stumbled across this forum today!

welcome to the forums vshley! I remember seeing you around at various points last year, and I'm glad you intend to stick around :>
[Image: NwK3xJO.png]
Welcome to the forums!
[Image: oE7TFS5.jpg]

Welcome to the HomeTown forums! Smile
- KatNip

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