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Kandee's Introduction
Hi everyone! I never really introduced myself but I am Kandee12, I have been playing this server since around August of 2016! But I have been playing minecraft for a lot longer than that, probably since 2011! In August of 2016 is also when I met a lot of my good friends, specifically flufflecakes (awelaa)! I really love this server though! It's not like the rest of them, its so much better. It's the type of server I always feel welcome and at home when I am on. Everyone is so kind and players still recognize me from when I played back then! I haven't played in a little over a year or more so I thought this would be appropriate to post since I came back onto HT this week! I just wanted to come on here and introduce myself! Feel free to get in touch with me! I am always looking for more friends! I hope to meet more players Smile
eyy lets gooo
Welcome to the forums! <3
- KatNip

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