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Awela's Introduction / the return of flufflecakes
Hayley (ign: Awelaa)
Ontario, Canada
Female (She/her)

The long overdue return of miss "Flufflecakes" has come around. Flufflecakes was my first Minecraft account I used from 2011 up until 2018. I first found Hometown in August of 2016 where I met a friend by the name Kandee12, who I have kept contact with ever since and have now returned as Awelaa along with. 
After about a year of playing, Hometown became a distant memory, as I slipped out of the online world and was faced with the real world challenges that needed to be addressed. Corona Virus quarantine has birthed a new era for Flufflecakes and Awelaa. It's good to be back. Hope to meet a lot of you guys. Feel free to comment! Heart Heart

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2016 Squad!! Glad we are back on together Smile
(03-24-2020, 02:45 AM)kandee12 Wrote: 2016 Squad!! Glad we are back on together Smile

we takin over hometown ey Angel
Welcome back to HomeTown! Smile
- KatNip

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