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Arrivedirci, Frosticus
Honestly, y'all probably expect this to be some sort of post where I blame others for my perm ban, but it's not. I was at fault, and the staff were doing their jobs. With that out of the way...
      The other day, I was banned for griefing rtown, and to be honest, I enjoyed it. I knew what would be the consequences of me doing that, and I fully accepted them. While yes, I did do it so I would have a reason to stop playing MC and stuff, I honestly did it because I am tired of the player base. Yes, I loved the server, and I enjoyed it so much that I played on it almost for two years, but the player base has ruined it. What attracted me to the server was the mature player base, and the majority of that is replaced with annoying 10 year olds. So all I can say out of this is that I apologize to my friends on the server, and I hope you guys continue playing on HT. And I apologize to the moderators, because I saw many of them as friends too. But hey, there's an end to everything I guess, but an end always signals a new beginning. So hopefully one day a mature player base returns (not that I'll see it anyways). But for now, arrivedirci people.
Cya frost, you will be missed. You were always fun to hang around with. Hope life is treating you well.
[img][Image: MzzZfHb.jpg?2][/img]
Ya know, after thinking about it for some time, I just wanna say I apologise for this situation. I tried to act like an asshole, and I didn't want to back down after the way I acted. I feel really guilty now since I've upset my friends with my actions and honestly, I am not really the type of person to act like an asshole, and it was foolish of me to act like one for the hell of it. I invested two years into the server because I enjoyed it, and because I've met some really nice people on it. But it was childish of me to throw all that away just to have fun. It was never the player base that made me do it, it was just me being bored and wanting to cause chaos. Now, this isn't some plea to unban me, but I just wanna put this situation to rest and say I'm sorry. Y'all don't have to hear from me anymore, since I am gonna back off from the community now. Once again, I'm sorry.
Hi frost, how are you?

Won't beat around the bush or try to sugar coat this but I'm worried for you.
I have no idea what personal things you may be going through at the moment but with the world like it is, daily life is not easy for us all.
In short, if you need to talk about anything, I'm here. There are lots of other people too.
Stay strong, tomorrow will be a better day.

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