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Do threads and ban appeals get deleted overtime?
I was just wondering because I wanted to check up and see if one of my old friends who got banned years back ever made an appeal and did return without me knowing.
To my knowledge ban appeals do not get deleted (I believe in certain cases if they are extremely rude or otherwise they might) but honestly I don't know. But something that you should be aware of is that the forums got moved to a different forums a few years back I believe in 2015/16. If you want to search about them, go to the search bar located at the top with the magnifying glass icon, and enter their username that you remember into the key word category. If they made an appeal, it should be listed with reference to their ign. If that fails. you could go to namemc and search up all their usernames to see if they made an appeal under that name, but you should be able to find it (If they made an appeal) on here with the username you remember or what they had at the time of the ban. If you want quicker help from any of my or others responses on forums, I recommend joining the discord server if you haven't already! And with so, if you don't want to bother with that, Im willing to go search up if they have a ban appeal made if you just give me their ign!
You can also used /seen 'name' when in game. If they have logged in since the last server reset in September, it will show when.
Staff don’t delete threads unless there are very specific instances that require them be deleted but that’s rare, otherwise players may delete their own threads/ban appeals. You can search by your friend’s IGN, thought a partial name might get more hits.
Human embodiment of Murphy’s Law, at your service!
Thanks, everyone for your responses. I've searched on these forums but they either never appealed or they appealed back on the old forums, and they haven't been online since the last reset according to /seen. Oh well.

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