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Ban Appeal
Server you were banned on (SMP/Discord): SMP

Minecraft name: JoeChiMinh

Reason for your ban: Giant Inappropriate Build

Who banned you: Ender (about 2 months ago)

Why should you be unbanned: First, I am very sorry for the large build I made as I forgot that this was a family-friendly server and that it might be a bad influence for other players. In hindsight, I realize how immature the shape was nonetheless the size of it. I believe that I should be unbanned because I have changed and realized my mistakes. I had a lot of fun on the server and I don't think the childish side of me should ruin my experience.

Why do you want to come back: I spent some time building a really cool house and had a lot of fun playing with my friends. I want to continue building my home and delete the innapropriate build so I don't ruin anyone else's experience.
Hi there,

Thank you for your honest responses- please don't let this happen again. You will be unbanned shortly.

Welcome back to HomeTown!

[Image: oE7TFS5.jpg]


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