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Ban appeal
Server you were banned on (SMP/Discord)\ : smp.hometownmc.com

Minecraft name: firewolf567

Reason for your ban: grief 

Who banned you: illogical 

Why should you be unbanned: for starter I would like to say that I wasn't banned until today when I haven't played in months, but when I was trying to return to have with my friends I notice it said I was banned. I simply think that this was a mistake.

Why do you want to come back: Too play with my friend, and to have fun. I really enjoyed played the game its sad to see that when I finally was going to play I was banned and apparently A couple of days ago I wasn't banned according to a friend but now I am. I am thinking that this was a mistake because I haven't been on in a long time to do such thing. I hope this helps me I would really enjoy playing it again!! 
So this is the grief in question

[Image: 7Qwg5AK.png]

You built up to this hole in a public warp and then took resources from the ravine in the immediate area

So need you to answer a few questions before we continue- if you're struggling, we have our rules here

Are you allowed to modify unclaimed builds (adding blocks included)?\


Are you allowed to build within 100 blocks of another build?

Unbelievable! You, Subject name here, must be the pride of Subject hometown here. -GLaDOS
 [Image: 3QynCgb.png] 
[Image: BbFygKt.png]

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