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Appeal (xray/griefing)
i was banned on smp.hometownmc.com


Reason for your ban: I was banned for x-ray but my friend mina_huntress said it was for griefing so I don't really know what sorry

Who banned you: llogicalsong (sorry I edited this because the text was green)

Why should you be unbanned: I'm having an amazing time working with my friends on smp but mins said that I might of got banned because of the 100 block radius, I had been given conformation to build within 100 blocks but to run it through her first but I made a mistake and didn't 

Why do you want to come back: as I said earlier I love playing with friends and trying to grind and build on a no lag server.

to sum up im super sorry for whatever I did and ill try respect my fellow server companions, thanks Smile
I have accepted this apology
So I only got one question.... What does your ban message say?
he is said it say xray
Alright, so why is this appeal made when the ban message clearly states the ban reason and no appealing?
Well it says xray but all he did was build a farm without my knowledge but he lives with me and i told my designer (mindyourmanners) that i would just take it down and let shard know that I was planning on building houses there but when I tried shard had claimed it. I told illogical I didn't want to have him banned and he said a grief was a grief so..... Idk why it says xray it was just a misunderstanding of build placement
if if im still banned i can send proof when I get home
Mina since you aren’t a part of the ban, i’d very much like if you would stop posting on this ban appeal. You only seem to cause more confusion...

Darkshard, you were not banned because of a misunderstanding regarding a build. You were banned for the use of x-ray. You should not listen to Mina or anyone else. You should listen to what the ban message says.

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