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Server you were banned on (SMP/Discord): Hometown

Minecraft name: Entrepiid

Reason for your ban: Grief

Who banned you: Illogical

Why should you be unbanned: I know I messed up and I'm willing to make it up to the recipient of the grief, I took diamonds to get started off and now I realize I should have just played the right way.

Why do you want to come back: because I was think this server is more fun than other eco servers I've played, and the community is very welcoming. i bet there are probably tons of sappy bannapeals but i have spent alot of time into this server and planned to spend more, i geniunely enjoy the expirience it offers, i just hope i can play again.
Thank you for telling the truth now about your grief

got a few questions for you to answer before we continue. If you need help our full rulebook is here

Are you allowed to modify other people's builds, even if they're unclaimed?

Why is griefing not allowed?

What have you learned from this?
Unbelievable! You, Subject name here, must be the pride of Subject hometown here. -GLaDOS
 [Image: 3QynCgb.png] 
[Image: BbFygKt.png]

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