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Hometown Pride Parade!
Hey guys! So since corona got rid of all the pride parades around the world, I decided that we should have a pride parade here on hometown! There is a rainbow road at pride mall so it can happen there. If you would like to you can change your skins and then we can have a little runway where people can run, jump, walk, do whatever to show off their pride skin! We can also have raffles and such if you want so if you want to donate something please mail me in game. my username is gamisagirl! I changed it from gam3babizz so don't mail that old username. mail gamisagirl. I will be putting up for a raffle free 5 stacks of any color concrete you want! Please, please put some things up for raffle so we can have a happy pride parade today! At 8pm CST time we will go to /warp pridemall. after we have some people there, we can start doing the runway where people can show off their pride skins. 6-1-20 at 8pmcst time this will occur. If you donated an item for the raffle you can still enter! But if your name lands when were picking the winner for what u donated, we will spin again. if you have any money you would like to donate for the final grand prize, it would be appreciated. just send the money to me and whoever wins ill send it to them!

8pmcst=9pm est
8pm cst= 6pm pst
8pm cst= 7pm mst

if you have any questions feel free to reply to this post or mail me in game. my username is gamisagirl
call me GAM, not gamer girl, or anything of the sorts. 
[Image: oE7TFS5.jpg]


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