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Value of Different Spawn Eggs/Mobs
What spawn eggs and mobs are considered to be more valuable or useful on the server when you take into account trade, production, currency, rarity, etc? For example, obviously a wolf would be more desired than a bat because of the security, attachment, and value in trade, but what are some other valuable mobs/eggs that one should want to collect for whatever purpose?

(Also sorry if this question seems a bit obvious. I'm an older Minecraft player and even though I've been playing more regularly, there are still a lot of features, mobs, etc, that I'm not familiar with.)
Well, a wolf egg would actually be far less valuable than a bat spawn egg as wolf spawn eggs are very common in the spawn egg slot machine (although a bat spawn egg wouldn't work in any case cause bat spawning is completely disabled on the server even from eggs )

If you go to the spawn egg slot machine and I was of clicking on the tripwire hook you click on the endercbest, you can see all the spawn eggs that are available to be won in that machine- those will by default be less valuable than any others that might be around from events, vote rewards, etc.

As far as the actual eggs in the machine go- villager and zombie villager spawn eggs are very valuable as people use them all the time. Then panda, polar bear, and fox spawn eggs also are pretty highly desired as they're pretty annoying to get ahold of normally and you can't teleport them like you can a cat, horse, dog, llama, parrot, or even a pig for that matter

Farm animal spawn eggs- sheep, and cows usually, also are pretty desired cause people can start up their own farms without searching for hours
Too Bad. Waluigi Time!
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The egg with most value is Witch, you can't get them in slots and there is a shop selling them at $20k That may sound high but the only way to get them apart from buying, is to be the top voter of the month and picking those eggs as the prize.

Villager and Zombie Villager eggs also bring in a good price too.

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