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VIP need more perks
I just think it will be better if there were more perks for vip mostly vip2 just because I’ve had my vip for a while but it’s just boring with only /glow and /fly And rename just it’s bit plain we need  more perks for vip!  Big Grin
(06-20-2020, 06:02 AM)Cil Wrote: That's why vip 3 is a possibility, to allow more perks that the player can gain access to

I agree, also 5 more sethomes and /back
It is I murdman!
Vip 3 doesn't only get 5 more sethomes^ It gets unlimited*.

As for more perks for VIP, we are absolutely open to suggestions, but at this point in time have had trouble finding other perks that we could add that would not ruin the semi-vanilla nature of the server in one way or another. But if you have suggestions for things you'd like to see feel free to recommend some!
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Ok Smile
don't agree with /near- I honestly don't see any point as it only works if the person is within viewing distance basically, additionally, I forsee it being abused in pvp/hide and seek a lot. I don't see really any reason people would need it, it doesn't give any additional information other than you can already see unless someone is in /d, which if someone is trolling in /d and refuses to stop, that is something staff deal with
Too Bad. Waluigi Time!
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I would want /near tho
I'm gonna agree with Illo on this one
We could use a different perk like I didn’t even want /near

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