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Hi There
Hi! I just wanted to say a few things about myself. I'm DarkeningLight28, but if you ever want to talk, just Dark is fine. I just joined the server the other day and I love it so far. Several months ago (or maybe more like a year ago), I had been on a similar server and was active for around a year. I was also a low-level staff member there for about 9 months. I decided to find a different server after having realized that I recognized none of the newer players, and I didn't feel like I fit there anymore. I'm hoping that this server can fill the void and then some more!

Just a few quick details about myself - I love penguins and the color purple, I like drawing (digitally) and baking whenever possible, and I have recently learned to crochet. And of course, I love video games.

I'm looking forward to getting to know everyone! Big Grin
- Dark
welcome to the server and the forums, dark!
Welcome to Hometown. Penguins are cute and fun to watch, I've also just started to learn to crochet, just the basic squares so far. Glad you found Hometown, I hope you have a wonderful and long stay.
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Welcome to HomeTown!
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Welcome to HomeTown Smile !
- KatNip
p- p- p-


Welcome to hometown!
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