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PSA: When to ask for staff
Recently we've started to see some increasingly...  interesting... requests for staff assistance. These range from a report of "grief" from a build owner who had forgotten to finish off their build to being asked to repair tools that were low on durability.

Staff are here to help but somewhere there's a line between helping you with server-related issues and being your personal in-game assistant. If you're not sure when to ask for help, here's some guidelines to help you out:


You are responsible for making sure that there are no claims in an area before building. When finding a spot to build, remember that you can hold a stick in your hand and right click it to show up claims. With a few friends, you will be able to quickly cover the surrounding area within 100 blocks to find any builds or claims. Please remember that while staff are often happy to help, it isn't actually our job to check for claims for you and a lot of the time there are plenty of players online who would be willing to help you out without staff needing to be called in.

Searching for items / shulkers

If you can't find an item, don't worry! Take a look around your base and check for misplaced shulker boxes or chests that you may have left your item in. Remember to check your enderchest and (if it's a wearable item) make sure you haven't accidentally shift clicked it onto your body. If you've had a look around and still can't find it, staff are happy to help you find out what happened to it.

When you lose an item, please don't immediately panic and call staff in. Sometimes we are doing other things and have to come on specifically to help you, so it's nice to see that you've put the effort into finding it first so that we don't come on only to find it in an obvious place.

Respawning items and teleporting back to death point

This is a survival server, so if you die or lose your items we will not respawn them for you. The same goes for teleporting you back to where you died, since /back is a VIP perk and it invalidates the perk if we just teleport everyone back anyway.

Please note that if you die or lose your items due to a server problem we will happily return your items to you and fix the problem. This might happen due to lag, a plugin malfunction, or inventory issues. If you use minechat or another mobile chat app, make sure you teleport to somewhere safe! I lost my infinimend bow last year because I had died while on minechat and I never got it back.

Build help and feedback

It's great to see what you guys are building but please remember that they are your builds, not ours. You are welcome to ask anyone to give feedback or help you with part of a build, but please don't think that it's staff's job to help you with your building.

Gameplay-related questions

If you need help with something to do with gameplay, there are a few options available to you. There are tutorials on youtube on how to make farms for pretty much anything in minecraft as well as tutorials on how to use things like beacons, conduits, minecart hoppers, and much more. There is lots of information at /warp FAQ for you to look at too. If you can't find what you're looking for or struggle to understand something, feel free to ask questions in game! Most (if not all) of the people online will have played minecraft before and many people will know how to help you with your question.

These kinds of questions can be answered by any player (not just staff), so please don't post in #get-help for this kind of stuff. While it's true that many staff are very familiar with the game, it's not our responsibility to teach you how to play minecraft and it's frustrating to be called over for assistance only to be asked a question that most other players would be able to answer for you.

Another Note

Several players seem to have falllen into the habit of just saying "staff" in chat and then not explaining what they want until smoeone responds. If you say your issue first, chances are that an experienced player will be able to give you an immediate answer. Failing that, staff will be able to teleport to you already knowing what the issue is. If your first instinct whenever you have a problem is just to say "staff", and staff members keep teleporting to you only to be asked trivial questions such as "who broke this block" or "why can't I open this chest" it gets frustrating. [Expert] rank players are able to use /co i to look at logs, and anyone can do /cinfo to see who owns a chest. If you say your problem first, sometimes staff will be able to help you out immediately without having to stop whatever they're doing to teleport to you and look around.
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