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Ban Appeal
Server you were banned on (SMP/Discord): SMP.hometownmc.com

Minecraft name: Mr_Panky

Reason for your ban: Mass Destruction of resources in someone's claim

Who banned you: illogical

Why should you be un-banned: I believe there must have been a misunderstanding with someone that borders my claim? i don't particularly remember destroying anyone's objects in a claim, i also don't recall being given permission in anyone's claim so this confuses me. if you can please give me more information on this it would be of great help! 

thank you,

Why do you want to come back: i love the server and the community that is in it. i'm not to active on the game but when i am i enjoy playing on hometown! 
So this isn't about objects, but the resources right outside someone's claim. Each claim has a 100 block radius that is kinda 'their' area that you're not allowed to build in. We're fairly lenient with resource gathering but when it is on this scale 

[Image: PZ1hj8o.jpg]

Literally right next to someone's claim. That is not allowed and is just really inconsiderate. For reference, this is what the area looks like after your removal actions have been rolled back:

[Image: CeHHDmC.jpg]

So multiple things here- This island is very clearly claimed and being developed, the resources here should've been left alone. Clearing out the amount of resources you did is considered grief, thus your ban.
Additionally we have a world dedicated to gathering resources, /warp resource. Please keep your resource gathering to that world when at all possible. That world gets reset every 3 months so it's always full of resources.

Before we continue I want you to answer a couple questions

What is our (Hometown's) definition of grief? (If you're having trouble, our full rulebook is found here)

Why is taking mass amounts of resources from the 100 block area around someone's claim not allowed?

What have you learned from this?
Too Bad. Waluigi Time!
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