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Ban Appeal - Stolen Sponges
Server you were banned on (SMP/Discord): smp.hometownmc.com

Minecraft name: LenJr

Reason for your ban: Stealing sponges from build /near warp farm.

Who banned you: Illogical

Why should you be unbanned: I made a mistake. I am sorry for taking this item(s) from someone else's area. I did not see harm at first. It was near an area with items that are placed for others to take. This area was not an actual area that was easily accessible. These sponges were not locked out and were items I have searched many places without any success.  Sponges are items that are difficult to locate. The items were not mine and I should have not taken them. If you could remove the ban from the hometown server, I will return all the items to location or general area in the build from where they came. I did use the items yesterday, I believe I only have 23 of them. I apologize to whom the items belong and and sorry for the inconvenience of not having your items.

Why do you want to come back: I enjoy Minecraft, My kids and I have played this game for years as groups/family. The Hometown server has a very large group of creative individuals. It is very exciting to warp to the various areas and discover many of the artistic buildings, sites, and other creations that I have come across. This site allows me to relax, explore, and build items. Even-though I am killed off by some misfortune (drowning, deadly mobs, lava, falling incidents), I sometimes recover my items, and have other ways of recovering new items I may need. This is due to some of the individuals that have created areas to gather items at no charge or only needing to replant. There are many things I do not understand on this server, how to vote, how to get slots, and some other small details, but overall it is still fun. I learn new things all of the time from what I see from others. I hope I can be allowed to return. For everyone that has put many hours into this, thanks for giving us a great server.
Alright, so here's the thing, I probably wouldn't have banned you had you actually stayed in game when I jailed you and talked to me about it

I'm fairly sure you understand now what grief means but here's the actual rule from the rulebookDo not modify any property that is not yours without the permission of the property-owner.  This includes the addition or subtraction of any gameplay element from one’s property, such as: blocks, crops, items, animals, NPCs, etc.  A property’s age, state of integrity, state of security, or state of occupation does not alter this rule.  If the property is not yours, do not alter it.

If it's something that is not natural/p[layer built, which a sea temple above the water and on top of a platform of sea lanterns is not, and does not say it is for public access- don't touch it. If you're unsure, ask

You have been unbanned, welcome back to Hometown!
Too Bad. Waluigi Time!
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Thank you for restoring my access.

Not to argue about anything or start issues. To explain the first sentence, when I was jailed. I did not know what happened. I found myself in Jail, did not know how I got there, what it was about, or how to get out. I though someone was doing a prank. I did not speak to anyone on this. I do not speak in chat. Do not know how. All I know, I eventually got booted out of the server and had the message that I was banned with the reason.

This is not my site, this is just a recommendation. I recommend placing a sign in the jail rooms stating where we are, that we were put there for a period for an action performed against the rules. Hopefully there are individuals that know what this site is because they visit it regularly.

The jail is well setup. Has a cool design. But...I am still locked up. Is there a specific time we are jailed? I reviewed the rule book, I was looking to see if there was a test or quiz to verify. Please let me know what is next.

Sorry, I just forgot to unjail you

Side note (If I understood correctly that you don't know how to speak in chat, if not then ignore this lol) - to speak in chat- press t on the keyboard, or / then backspace the slash then write whatever and hit enter (as long as it's along with chat rules :] ). 

If it comes up with an error that says 'Cannot send chat message'

  • Press Escape
  • Go to options
  • Go to chat settings
  • Top right there's something that will say 'Chat: __'
  • Click it until it says 'Chat: Shown'

If you cannot see your chat still, make sure your chat scale is up, and Chat Text Opacity is up (both options on the same page)
Too Bad. Waluigi Time!
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[Image: BbFygKt.png]

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