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HomeTown Anniversary Credits <3
Hello everyone! I hope those who attended the event yesterday had an amazing time even if they could only be there for some of it. The staff team put a lot of time and effort into making this possible! here is credit to:

[Opening/Lobby] - Built by Penguin, with the addition of redstone and the lovely Tinder Mode for the stage by Pengu and 4th! 

[1] -Boat race - Built and Hosted by the amazing Pengu: A lot of effort went into the landscape and secret pathways with assistance from 4th!

[2] -Parkour - Of course the owner of making hell parkour, Pengu <3

[3] -Cave minigame - Penguin's idea w/ some help by Kat 

[4] -Spleef - the wonderful Illo (I personally really enjoyed this it was a lot of fun) 

[5] -Maze - Illo's magic with mazes creating an amazing 488 x 488 size maze for y'all to run around and find the middle with prizes along the way!

[6] -Build-off/match the painting - EMC - a lot of effort went into this and we apologise for the hiccups during the event. The building still took a lot of time and the planning did too. 

[7] -Mob fight - Hosted by the lovely Dox and other staff participated in spawning mobs on y'all <3 

[8] -Dropper - Hosted and created by Illogical - a lot of detail went into this map and those who attended know how fooled they were by the illusion of water <3

[9] -Hide and shriek - Dox spent a lot of time on the map as well as the prizes. This map was beautiful and it was really fun hunting you guys down. Dox also spent time making a video for the eventhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yqmbr63Eao8

[10]-Firework show - Ambular made a cute place for everyone to watch the fireworks and also as a place to welcome back Jeff, who is now back on our staff team! Congrats Jeff too <3 and a side thank you to Dox who assisted with the redstone for this and 4th for the terraforming around the build! 

[11]-Last Man Standing - A good game from the old servers made by the wonderful Illogical! 

[12]-Storage Wars - Hosted by Illogical - Sadly I couldn't attend this one but I know a lot of thought went into this so that you guys could get some good things! 

[13]-Ore party - The one and only Uber created this lovely event and probably spoiled you all with goodies <3 

[14]-Drop party - Created by the amazing Ender and hosted by a few staff to make this run. A lot of prizes were handed out and I hope everyone had a good time with this drop party, prizes were planned out so we didn't just hand out the same old stuff :) 

Something we hadn't mentioned was the opening of the resend! This was to catch you all off guard and give you guys a surprise. Thank you to Melanie for setting up the world and getting it prepared for everyone to explore. A further thank you to Melanie for also help set up some of the regions and figure out a way to mute the chat so we could give instructions without having to spam chat all the time! 

Another thank you to Trekkie who also helped out with the claim flags and world guard flags for some of the events. As well as a thank you to Derp for hosting a summer trade secret santa for everyone to participate in <3

Thank you to all who were able to attend and I hope you had an amazing time at the event! <3
- KatNip
ilysm!! <3 Couldn't have done my event without the help of pengu though, who helped me with worldediting and doing the redstone LOL. much love to all <3
[Image: oE7TFS5.jpg]

This year event is the absolute fucking bombest I've seen
Big thanks to everyone who made this, holy shit you guys did amazing
[Image: aenPm2S.png]

Earned my right to drop this joke with 1000 votes
Yeah lots of fun watching everyone have fun. I enjoyed spawning mobs on you guys in the cave mini game. A lot of work was put in by the people listed above. Best anniversary event ever, the bunch of staff above are so talented.
[img][Image: MzzZfHb.jpg?2][/img]
All the events were well done and well thought out, I personally really liked the lms, and spleef, as well as Hide and Shriek, really well, Thank you to the whole staff team who put these together for us Smile

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