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First HT Acomplishment Awards, The Townies! (Update winners)
Hello Beautiful people!

Gam, Mint, Golden, Amber, and I have held the first-ever award show on the server, The Townies!

the following are the categories and winners were.

1.Nicest Person xDzarkious
2.Best Builder   _Froid_                             
3.Best overall warp    /warp Illo [owner Illogicalsong]
4.Best Farm   /warp Meliron [owner melaniebeedot] (changed due to warp farm being server owned)
5.Best Town   /warp Kingdom [owner Evolvoodoo and Maxlco]
6.Best Shop   /warp illo [owner Illogicalsong]
6b. Best shop specified (i.e, Armour Shops)     /warp armory [Evolvoodoo]
7.Best Build (based off the build comp)    16 triplecrit
8.Best Artist   Sophiariam   Unclaimed
9.Best XP farm    /warp HG [owner Reaper_DN]   Unclaimed
10.Best Skin (player)  Illogicalsong
11. most helpful player  Illogicalsong

thank you for coming and congrats to the winners! |

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America invaded Canada.
and failed terribly.

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