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Ban appeal
Server you were banned on (SMP/Discord): SMP

Minecraft name: Fanatikgg

Reason for your ban: death message spam and chat spam

Who banned you: Illogical

Why should you be unbanned: First of i am SO,SO sorry to anyone i annoyed and to the staff who's jobs i made so much harder.
this will never happen again and i will reread the rules.
This next part is NOT a reason that i should be unbanned or an excuse but i am going to add it in because it will help you understand that this is not me and it won happen again. anyway i forgot my ADHD meds which made me extremely impulsive. again this is NOT a reason to be unbanned or an excuse.

Why do you want to come back: i would love to come back for 3 resons.
1.THE COMMUNITY! i love the comunity on hometown, the payers and staff are all so helpful, kind, funny, and supportive.
2.My irl best friend plays on this server and it is a great way to get to hang out during COVID-19
3.i love HomeTown! I love survival servers and this is BY FAR the best one! i love the server economics and rules that keep the server fun and the freindly players and staff.

Thank you so much for reading my ban appeal and i am so so sorry. i toatally understand if this is a perm ban as it is my second ban and idk how bans work. 
from EliMcNassar (fanatikgg)
You were banned for 'consistent rule 1 violations'
Not spam.

Rule 1 is to be respectful and don't be annoying on purpose. 

You were asked multiple times to chill in how you were behaving in chat, you were spamming, being rude, and refusing to stop when asked by multiple people. This is not a single time this has happened. This has been happening since you joined the server. If you want to return you need to learn that if people are telling you to chill out and stop spamming and being rude, you need to. 

If that's not something you are capable of doing in that moment, then you need to log out for a bit until you can. 

Constantly getting kicked and muted is not acceptable.

I've changed your ban to a 10 day tempban.
Too Bad. Waluigi Time!
[Image: 3QynCgb.png]
[Image: BbFygKt.png]
thank you so much! i will chill and be respectful! again i am so, so sorry.

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