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Ban Appeal
Server you were banned on (SMP/Discord): smp.hometownmc.com.

Minecraft name: The Reem

Reason for your ban: Beacon Theft

Who banned you: Illogical

Why should you be unbanned: It was my mistake, I RTp'ed  and landed on a villagers area. It was in rural area and no players.
As I have clarified in the chats before, members have told we can take from villagers if its unclaimed. I saw the beacon and took it thinking it was the villagers belonging. Not only new to server but also Minecraft. I used to watch Loverfella's youtube and really feel in love with it. So I joined the server after buying my account 2 days ago. 

Why do you want to come back: It was unintentional. I did not steal anyways but it was assumed that way which I misunderstood that it belongs to a villager. However it is a lesson for me. I'm new to Minecraft and never played on server before. Its a lesson for me. Do apologize for the misunderstanding. Please unban me. I enjoy in this server.

Message to Illogical: I'm really sorry I took your beacon. I did not know it belongs to you. I'm new to Minecraft and have a lot to learn. I have it with me. I was building a castle and was rtp'ing to find some resources, coincidently i landed on a villagers place and saw the beacon. i surveyed around and found no players's home or anything that is locked with magical spell. So i thought villager had it and i just took 1. I do have it with me and i can return back to you.  
Beacons do not naturally generate, there are no naturally generated beacons in minecraft- any beacon/beacon base is placed by a player.

Now, additionally, the beacon that you're referring to was actually closer to an area that was being cleared by someone, than it was the actual village.

[Image: 50hifCa.png]

[Image: DGg6pZt.png]

Now, you also removed 4 beacons from Mello's area where you're building in without his permission.

[Image: GFe8BmA.png]

[Image: S2kKs7P.png]

I could give you a pass on the first one if you're seriously new to minecraft, but the second one is pretty clear. Even if you do not intend on keeping these and they were in your way, you're not allowed to modify someone else's build without their permission beforehand.

[Image: 8RvSCok.png]

[Image: zFPfIHf.jpg]

I've returned the beacons to their original state but I would like you to answer some questions before we proceed, the full HT rulebook is here if you need help

What is grief on hometown?

Why do you think we take grief/theft so seriously?

Yes i took out the beacon in my plot at starter Town, who the owner is MelloWeen. He permitted me to extend my plot as I asked seems I wanna demolish and rebuild by place. The beacon was in the center and taking my space to build the walls of my castle. I kept the beacon with me to return back to MelloWeen seems he was not online. I did not steal the beacon that belongs to MelloWeen. I kept it while waiting for him to be online so that I could return. I can't wait for him seems I'm free to be online and that's the only time I have to spend in Minecraft. So I took the beacon first and kept with me. I DID NOT steal MelloWeen's beacon. I just kept it safe with me. But if that has been misunderstood as grief, then I'm sorry. MalloWeen knows I'm reconstructing because I asked for a huge space than the regular plot anyone has which he permitted too and extended the size for me. Please check with him if you want. MELLOWEEN PERMITTED me to extend my plot. How can i build without the owner's permission? Not even a single block could be built as it tells that i need his permission. That's where i asked him and he extended for me. Which means he knows the beacon is taking my plot.

The beacon at the site was a villagers town which I checked(inexperience, probably wrong way to check) it was not locked with spell. Usually that's how I identify if it belongs to someone. I saw nothing but only villagers and their town.  After checking, I thought it belongs to a villager, then I just took one thinking it would be nice for my castle seems I found one. Yes, I saw the cleared area and thought someone was mining near the villager's area as a landmark for them to come back. But now I know that villagers DONT OWN a beacon. 

What is griefing in hometown? Taking people's belonging.
Why grief taken seriously? It damage the reputation for server and players. Also its other people's hardwork.

I truly apologize for my misunderstanding and mistake. I would keep learning in Minecraft and try to be the good citizen in Town to serve the community better.
Yes I checked with him,  he allowed you to extend your plot but did not allow you to remove the beacon, I believe this part was a misunderstanding.

Also, in the future, you can right click with a stick to see if something is claimed, or ask another more experienced player if something is naturally there or if it's made by a player Smile

Thank you for your responses, you have been unbanned, welcome back to hometown!

Thank you very much. I will keep learning and improve.

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