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Inventory glitched, need tools back!
After logging into HomeTown (spawning into either the creative world, or the survival world and warping into the creative world), I went back to my base in the survival world. I wanted to continue demolishing an old build, but for some reason, my inventory had stayed as the creative world one. I tried going back to creative and to survival again, or leaving and rejoining incase of lag, but it still stayed. Now I'm worried that it's all gone. My tools and armor took forever to make, and I had an irreplaceable effX axe I got from a drop party.

Is there a way you can roll back my inventory? It should be a full enchanted netherite armor set, sword, pick, shovel, and axe, and the rest full of chest stacks. I'm mainly just concerned about my effX axe, since there's no way for me to get the eff levels back from regular enchanting. 

My inventory at the current moment is a plain netherite helmet, pants, and boots, along with a spruce sign (for whatever reason I want holding it), and a plain elytra. This is what I usually wear in the creative world. I just want my old survival gear back, don't want these, I have my own elytra anyways lol. Replaced inv should be attached as a png.

TLDR: I need my inventory rolled back to the last time I had tons of chests in it. Got replaced by my creative world inventory somehow, and need my EffX axe, other tools/armor, shulker box, and chests back. Current unwanted inventory is attached as aaa.png.

-JaydeBread (Jayde)

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We don't have a player by the name 'JaydeBread'

[Image: OdlpYOw.jpg]

Please provide your full in game name.
Oop sorry, my Discord has bread in the name so I mixed it up. Ingame is JaydeToast
I was on earlier btw but I made sure to put my creative inventory back so you can take those items.
Ok, so inventories don’t roll back. In order to replace your inventory, you’ll need to recreate it in the creative world exactly as you had it (except for the EffX axe) and put it in a locked chest, then set a home at the chest or post the coordinates here, and any mod+ can make the transfer. The staff member can also get you a new copy of the event EffX axe.
Jeez I'm sorry I took so long to reply
The inventory is at XYZ: -772.5 / 4 / -1462.5 Block: -773 4 -1463
I didn't remember all the enchantments from the sword, so I can do the extra myself in main world. Names of tools might be different too because I forgot their old nicks. Anything inside the shulker I'm fine with losing, so it's empty.
So, other than the axe, that'll be it. Thanks for helping out guys, I'm gonna get started on more storage area soon. 

Sorry I took so long to reply as well >.> irl gets busy with a baby.

Anyway, i've transferred the contents of the chest to replace your current survival inventory, you should be all set!
Thank you so much! The armor, sword and shulker would've been a pain to get back haha.

One thing though, I think you forgot the EffX axe? Take your time, it's no big deal, I'm just wanting to get it back whenever you're free.

Thank you again for taking time to help, Mel!
Ah you're totally right, my mistake. Let me get you one of those right now.

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