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Spooky Santa
It's Spooky Season!

Time for another Secret Santa gift exchange! 

[Image: WBmPveN.jpg]

For those of you that haven't participated in one of these before, the way it works is everyone that wants to participate puts in their name, I use a website to randomly assign you someone else's name, and you anonymously leave a gift for that person at the designated Spooky Santa warp, there will be chests labeled with everyone's names.

Please reply to this thread with your full in game name if you would like to participate, I'll give everyone 2 weeks to enter, so you have until October 16th to sign up! Then, I'll draw names and /mail you in game with the name of the person you will be responsible for getting a gift for. Once you've got your gift together, head on over to /warp SpookySanta and find the chest with your person's name on it.

Gifts will be due by Saturday, October 30th @ 11:59 p.m. EST, and then gifts will be opened on Halloween morning, whenever I wake up and unlock the chests!

Please put some effort into your gifts, think of what you would be very pleasantly surprised to receive! This doesn't necessarily mean expensive, I know not everyone has a ton of money, but a thoughtful gift or something clever or cute would surely make someone's day  [Image: smile.png]

Have fun, Happy Halloween!


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Everything is Panda
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“Exit, pursued by a bear.” 
-William Shakespeare, The Winter's Tale

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