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Open Shulkers in Inventory
Idea: Open and use Shulkers inside your inventory without having to place and rebreak them, similar to what Dead had over on his place.

Why: With the new proliferation of shulkers being everywhere and now being used by several folks for main storage it would be a very useful plugin to have.

Pros: Can set certain ranks to only be able to preview shulker contents inside their inventory and can set other ranks to be able to add/remove blocks from shulkers inside their inventory.

Cons: Each time you use it you owe Reaper 3 Reaps.

Plugin: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/shulk...iew.85970/

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Honestly I would love this + 1

Edit: Upon seeing Mel's response I no longer agree, I would not want to not be able to place the shulkers down anymore.
Looks like a good plugin; I like the idea of it.
Would this work with the future planned stacking of shulkers?

What would happen if you opened a stack of shulkers in your inventory? ?
By intentional dev design, shulkers would no longer be able to be placed down on the ground at all for any players if we use the backpack mode of this plugin. I don't think many players will be happy about that. >.>

[Image: JK6Tzpr.jpg]
I fully understand that it is Oscars creation and work but it's a shame they could not add a few more options?

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