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WorldEdit Request Thread
WorldEdit, Please?

[Image: jJNmF4n.jpg]

As most of you already know, WorldEdit is normally only used on this server for server builds, or on the occasion that a player is being requested to move their build due to a claim dispute, an admin may move it for you if it is particularly large and inconvenient to move.

"But I'm half way through building this huge tower and I just realized I'm 1 block off!"

"I wish I had built this house just 10 or 20 blocks to the left, it would've worked so much better with my town layout."

"Boy it would sure be convenient if I could just pick up this base and drop it on the other side of the map to this new cool spot I found."

Now, thanks to a recent player suggestion, we will consider helping players move their builds with WorldEdit for cosmetic reasons! For a nominal fee, of course. 

$1 per non-air block

For a //cut only (blocks go poof, are not //pasted anywhere and do not get returned to you) 
$0.50 per non-air block

Any entities being moved with the build: $1,000 per entity
*this includes mobs/animals, but entities also include things like item frames, artmaps, maparts, paintings, and armor stands

If you would like staff to consider your build for a WE move, you may post a New Reply to this thread (limit of 1 WE move per player per month) and include the following information:

1. the coordinates where we can find your build, ***including the world name*** please mark 1 corner with a distinguished block
2. the rough size of your build (length x width x height) at the widest points
3. the coordinates of where you would like your build moved to, ***including the world name*** please mark the same 1 corner with a distinguished block to align exactly where you want it

The admin team will review your request and decide whether your build is eligible to be moved with WE, and if it is, we will contact you with a fee estimate.

- Only things YOU have built may be eligible, we will NOT move/cut naturally generated structures or land or mobs for you.

- This request is limited to a copy and paste of the building exactly how it is, no other WorldEdit functions may be requested to help construct or replicate the build. Rotate may be requested as needed to turn the build. 
- This thread is NOT meant to be used as a loophole to moving mobs yourself. If your BUILD happens to include mobs that you would also like moved with it, that's fine.
- Not all builds may be eligible to be moved with WE. Eligibility is entirely at the discretion of the admin team.
Looking to get the space station at /warp Space moved on over to the end, where my pleb self should have built it to start with.

Coordinates: /warp space
Rough Size (LxHxW): 232x90x275
New location: Somewhere in the general vicinity of -552 255 -559 in /warp End if possible
Looking to get my crop farms moved to the west by 9 blocks.

Coordinates: -2237 5 6918, slime blocks on opposing corners
Rough Size (LxHxW): 47x12x15
New Location: 9 blocks to the west
Looking to get some glass removed from around my crop farms

Coordinates: -2218 5 6956, --2241 64 6956 it's the glass wall with opposing corners sectioned out with slime blocks
Rough Size (LxHxW):  23x59x1 (1331 glass)
Total Blocks: 1331
New Location: Gone
Hello, I'd like the angel statue at /warp project moved up by 2 blocks Smile

1. the coordinates of your build: 1079 64 12048 to 1091 79 12054
2. the rough size of your build (length x width x height): 
3. the coordinates of where you would like your build moved to: moved up by 2 blocks

the corners have also been marked with snow blocks.
I would like to request a //cut of a platform I had made a long time back that Ill no longer be using;

1. the coordinates of your build: -8261 73 -8666 to -8515 74 -8920
2. the rough size of your build (length x width x height): 255 x 255 x 2 (L*W*H)
3. the coordinates of where you would like your build moved to: //cut 

Anyways, cheers and tysm for doing this for me if it's accepted
Apologies its -8470/77/-6019 my phone auto corrected it.

1) -8470/77/-6019
2) Its the chunks you sectioned so I'm not sure how large they are
3) to 1.18 world -1266/69/-2580
1) -12043.401, 71.18779, -13064.948 (XYZ)

2) I tried to get the most accurate L, W, and H, sorry if it isn't accurate.
  • Length: 30 (Front)
  • Width: 19 (Sides)
  • Height: 16 (Bottom to top)
3) It is Cherry Avenue which consists of 4 houses, All houses need to be moved one block backwards.
  • House number 1, 1 block towards the south.
  • House number 2, 1 block towards the south.
  • House number 3, 1 block towards the north.
  • House number 4, 1 block towards the north.
- RedHaseeb
Muddle77 / Mud
Building is 41 x 41, height is 28.  there is nothing under the exposed blocks, just the visual blocks.
Current Location -3597 63 -544.  Front of building, only side with a door, is marked with a sign.  
Move to 1081 69 -4519.  Front and front left corner are marked with signs.
668 , 133 , -1578
new world
roughly 64x64x 100 circle

i just want it deleted so i can use my island for something else. i kinda hate the tower i made. i am poor so please lmk the cost

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