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WorldEdit Request Thread
WorldEdit, Please?

[Image: jJNmF4n.jpg]

As most of you already know, WorldEdit is normally only used on this server for server builds, or on the occasion that a player is being requested to move their build due to a claim dispute, an admin may move it for you if it is particularly large and inconvenient to move.

"But I'm half way through building this huge tower and I just realized I'm 1 block off!"

"I wish I had built this house just 10 or 20 blocks to the left, it would've worked so much better with my town layout."

"Boy it would sure be convenient if I could just pick up this base and drop it on the other side of the map to this new cool spot I found."

Now, thanks to a recent player suggestion, we will consider helping players move their builds with WorldEdit for cosmetic reasons! For a nominal fee, of course. ($1 per non-air block.)

If you would like staff to consider your build for a WE move, you may post a New Reply to this thread (limit of 1 WE move per player per month) and include the following information:

1. the coordinates of your build
2. the rough size of your build (length x width x height)
3. the coordinates of where you would like your build moved to

The admin team will review your request and decide whether your build is eligible to be moved with WE, and if it is, we will contact you with a fee estimate.

- This request is limited to a copy and paste of the building exactly how it is, no other WorldEdit functions may be requested to help construct or replicate the build. Rotate may be requested as needed to turn the build. 
- Not all builds may be eligible to be moved with WE. Eligibility is entirely at the discretion of the admin team.
Looking to get the space station at /warp Space moved on over to the end, where my pleb self should have built it to start with.

Coordinates: /warp space
Rough Size (LxHxW): 232x90x275
New location: Somewhere in the general vicinity of -552 255 -559 in /warp End if possible
Looking to get my crop farms moved to the west by 9 blocks.

Coordinates: -2237 5 6918, slime blocks on opposing corners
Rough Size (LxHxW): 47x12x15
New Location: 9 blocks to the west

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