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Plugin Suggestion: Banknotes
So I have an idea for a plugin, The plugin I would like to suggest is called "Banknotes".
     This plugin allows any player to use the "/withdraw (amount of money)" command to create a physical "Banknote" that you can give to another player that they can "/deposit" to redeem the amount of money that you put into it with the "/withdraw" command. This would be very useful for things like casinos or just giving out prizes in an event.

Plugin link: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/banknotes.3200/
It's an interesting idea that would allow specific amounts of money to be transferred, however money still can be transferred in diamonds and netherite as those are set prices, and ./pay still works great. At the moment I think staying with diamonds and netherite as currency holders would be better than adding a third currency holder of banknotes.
we do make money vouchers on request for players that want to give them as gifts, but if you need a more automated version we could always just make up some chest shops with them where players can go to buy them and/or sell them to redeem them. seems a little unnecessary to add another plugin when we can work it out with what we already have. : shrug :

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