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add these plugins and become cool
  • that one plugin where u get money for jobs (explorer, woodcut-man, rockdigging-man)
  • that one thingy called marriage master hhahaha it would be funny to let people get married
  • add an irc plugin because i dont like discord but u know irc is free too
i cool
I personally feel as though the jobs plugin would take away from the community style economy that we currently have, the marriage plugin seems like a good idea, although could cause fights o.o, not sure exactly what irc is, but we do have a server-chat discord where we can type to each other to the server
You could combine these suggestions with your previous plugins suggestion thread instead, to keep all your ideas together:

I don’t think adding the job one is a good idea as you can become a miner by just mining and selling ur stuff at a shop. I think if we added marriage it would just be weird and make the server a bit less child friendly. I don’t think we need voice chat either as I personally wouldn’t feel comfortable talking to people I think the chat is fine.
Have a lovely day!  Big Grin
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