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About Elsio Ban
Hello Hometown Community!

We wanted to be completely transparent to the community with what we discovered recently from a former staff - Elsio.

After some investigation we found that Elsio abused his mod commands and used creative mode to illegitimately give himself a lot of items. This could've ranged from building materials, to ores, to the stuff that he sold in his shop. We also found that he was keeping things like drop party items for himself, event tools, and over 12k slot tokens that were illegitimately created. Elsio is now banned from the server and his elite rank has been stripped as well.

We cleared out his chests and inventories in order to maintain the legitimacy of everyone's builds on the server, and we as a staff team apologize that the behaviors of one of our members affected that. It is our #1 goal to make sure that everyone playing has a safe, fun, and most fair environment to play on, and that applies to our staff as well. For the few people that he gave money too, we will unfortunately have to confiscate it since we can't verify its legitimacy

I just wanted to make this a public announcement so everyone in the community is caught up to what has happened. Feel free to ask any questions here or send me a pm on discord if you have anything you wanted to say about the situation!

Thanks everyone  Heart
Is he going to be replaced by any former curent elite members
Your friend , Damian
For clarification, Elsio had the [Elite+] rank, which is a special kind of elite reserved for former staff that have retired from staff on good terms.

As for ''replacing'' him, we don't have a quota for a certain number of staff members that we need to maintain at all times, so there is no hole to fill here just because he has been permanently removed from the staff team.
This is not good news. It's sad to see him go but the rules apply to all anyway. Yes, we don't tolerate abuse in this server.
Lets just forget this and move on.

Hope this will be a good lesson to all of us to not disregard server rules.
If you really love this server, then thrive to be better and follow the rules.

Thank you Admins, for conducting a proper investigation and putting an end to an injustice act.
We'll miss you Elsio
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Its really unfortunate to see this happen, especially from a staff member the community put trust into, but with abuse comes punishment. Sad to say goodbye like this Elsio.
May 9 will be 4 years


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