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Harvest bake off
For harvest I will be hosting a bake off. You can build any type of food to enter. The prizes are as follows: a shulker of random spawn eggs, a shulker of sniffer seeds and eggs and a shulker of crops. 1st place will get first pick, 2nd will get second pick and 3rd will get the remaining box. You have to put your name down in the thread if you want to enter.  If more than 10 people enter then I will ask for another judge. You can build the food in either creative or main world and upload a picture of you and your build. If you are not high enough rank to unlock creative in hometown you can do it in a single player world, I don’t need to see it ingame just the screenshot. I will judge on how detailed and good looking it is. You have until the end of autumn (30th of November)  to build and submit anything submitted after that time will not count. Happy baking!
Disclaimer: using a texture pack to turn a block into a type of food is not allowed as it would give you an unfair advantage if you are doing it in your own world you are allowed to use mods that are on hometown

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I have few questions Squid.

1. How big should the build be?
2. When you say food, does that include drinks and setmeal or only one type of food can be build?
3. Is this a solo build contest or can be partnered?
1. It can be any size but as I am judging it on detail bigger is more detailed and more likely to do better
2. One piece of food can be a drink but drinks are harder to detail so will be less likely to do as good
3. Solo competition
Example chocos cake at /warp bighouse

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Im done. 

But there is a problem. It says the file attach is too large. 
I think its an issue.. any alternative way to get judged?
Ye u have to use an image compressor:
I’d recommend https://www.img2go.com/compress-image

If still doesn’t work I can just see it ingame
Yea, that worked. There you go!!



Wow!!! Looks great!
Hope you don't mind google drive... Let me know if you wanna see it in-game

Can see that fine looking good Smile

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