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Talk to People!
I'm just gonna cut to the chase-

There's an app called Discord that you can join to talk (or listen if you prefer) to other HomeTown people! I got bored, so I made a channel for everyone to use. 

Click this link to get started; we already have 28 people from HT here!


Once you join there, you'll be put into the general text chat, and from there you can choose to join our voice channel if you so please. To do so, in the upper left-hand corner on your screen is a little list that says "Voice Channel". Click that and you'll join in. 

Fair warning, basic rules of respect (and please god no spam) apply, or you're at risk of being kicked/banned. Stay nice(ish), nerds.
Ayy Can't wait to see who joins! See you all there :>
[Image: SyRbjtW.png]
so awesome more people should check it out
Please Check out all The Big Co. Warps
[u]HUB [/u]- HomeTown's Finest Warp
BIG - BIG Co. Center
BigS - AFK Slime Farm 
BigV - Villager Center
BigD - God/Max Tools and Diamonds
BigW,BigC, BigP - Free AFK Farms

This actually is really neat! I like how it includes both text and voice channels.
HomeTown since April 2015

this is a great idea!!!
Have a great day!  Angel
well what if i hate people?
"it hurts when i pee" - John Fortnite Kennedy 1962

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