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Ban Appeal
Server you were banned on (SMP/Discord): SMP

Minecraft name: Inimigos (Known as NoobMan09 or AceCraftGamer123)

Reason for your ban: X-ray

Who banned you: Grimm_Wolfe

Why should you be unbanned: Its been a few years ever since I got banned. I don't have a good reason on what I did but do regret doing it. I want to be unbanned because I will promise now that I wouldn't break the rules again like how I did before.

Why do you want to come back: I want to come back because I just miss playing in the server. I just remember spending
                                               so much time in the server before. I remember my enjoyment when i was playing 
                                               in this server. Once again, I am sorry for x-raying and I will never do it again.

Thank You for reading my Ban Appeal!
Hey, your name looks familiar to me, however /seen doesn't pull up any of your IGNs. As you've said, you must've been banned for some time. Well, I do appreciate you being honest and owning up to your mistakes. This will be an easy process, we ask a few questions that require a few sentences in response to each.

- Why is x-raying against the rules?
- How does x-raying affect the server?
- What have you learned from this experience?

If you answer these, you will be unbanned.
[Image: MlZF3GH.png]
"C'mon, let's keep it simple, huh?  He broke the rules, I banned him."

HomeTown Rulebook

- Why is x-raying against the rules?
Its because it gives the player an unfair advantage that the other players dont have.It let's the player see the ores underground.

- How does x-raying affect the server?
It affects the server because it affects the players.That is because only the person who has x-ray has that unfair advantage.While they other players are taking their time and working hard to find caves/ores.The player who has x-ray has an easy life not working hard and finds ores easily because of that advantage.

- What have you learned from this experience?
I learned that I should really do what is right always. I knew that x-ray was not allowed in the server,but I still did it.I should always think twice before doing it also.It also made realize that I am also affecting the people in the server.

Thank You for replying to my ban appeal!

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