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It's been 5 years.
[22:50:52] [Client thread/INFO]: [CHAT] Welcome [Player] TheOnlyKat to Hometown!
Hello <3
5 years ago today, was the first time I joined HomeTown. Over the past few years I have learnt a lot of things, many which have taught me life long lessons and have also influenced and changed me as a person forever. There have certainly been bad times whilst on HomeTown, but the ones that stick with me are the good ones and the many friends I've made here. Some friends I even have from when I first joined 5 years ago. HomeTown to me feels like a second home to me, where I know the people I've met are going to be life long friends too. It's incredible to look back and think of myself 5 years ago and compare myself to who I am now, because they are two totally different people. This post is mainly to acknowledge the people who've really been there for me, influenced me, changed me, supported me and have made me into the person I am today. (have fun with the throwback IGNs)

Brockist - The main reason I even joined in the first place. You had joined HomeTown before our lil clique did. It's amazing to see how far they, you and I have come and changed. We met 5 years ago in person & plan to again soon. You are amazing and I'm glad we're still in contact today. Its strange to think about us 5 years ago and we both know that photo of us when
we met is cringe. But it's a memory I will keep close.

ThatChicken1 - Chickne, I know we have grown distant over the years because of our own lives taking over. But you are someone special that I will always remember. You stuck by my side always and have always been amazing. I remember your art, which you are truly fantastic at. I've always enjoyed your company and every time you keep me updated with your kits. 

Penguin825 - Ping. My God where do I start. You're like a sibling honestly. I've watched you grow up, laughed at you during our exams to have reality hit me when I had to do mine. It shakes my mind that we're both now 'adults' because it still feels like 2016 playing mineplex paintball hearing foetus me say "hoI GUiSE itZ PEnguplAyz here & weLCOme to plaYIng mOINplex" You've always been someone who's influenced me the most, or the one I can come to about HomeTown of IRL, because you're two steps ahead of me. Thank you for dealing with me for whats almost 5 years itself. I'm glad to have you as a friend & please don't throw out my legos

StarGirl707, DK_, Grimm_Wolfe - You're probably wondering "how the heck am I on here" or have a vague idea. Honestly, when I was the small baby staff (which I pretty much still am) I had no clue what I was doing with my life. I had no plans, I had no clue what I wanted to do. I felt a little lost with school always asking "what do you want to be" When I was introduced into your social group and finally got to know everyone better, hearing about what you wanted to do (and are now doing) inspired to me seek for something more, to find something I would enjoy. At the time it was criminology (now philosophy), but of course everything changes. But without you three I don't think I would've ever found the inspiration to find something I wanted to do. Not only have you been here since before I joined, but you're still here today and I don't think any experience is a forgettable one. 

Vilneas - Vil. You're someone who I've always kept close. I hope that life is going well and I know we haven't kept in touch, but you're someone who was a key part in my experience on HomeTown. Everyone saw you as the server dad, and still today I would say you still are. Thank you for everything.

The_4thDoctor - Hen Hen. You joined the same day I became staff. But ever since that day, we have both been amazing friends. With you, me, Hess and Jaf as our little gang back in the day. We've moved on now, but you and I are still as good friends are we were. Each year I get to appreciate having you as a friend by sending you birthday presents and Christmas presents, and you send them to me. I know this year we had the plans of meeting, which I hope go ahead because our friendship is something that is hard to find. Thank you for dealing with my bullshit over the years and always keep on complimenting me even though I deny it every. time. 

NukedIceCream Nuked. You're someone I can never forget about. You're someone who's dealt with me at my worst, but has also been able to see me grow into my best. You've always been there no matter what shit I put you through. I can't think of how much I owe you because you've always been there. Our friendship isn't quite the same now, but what it was, was something strong and nothing that can be replaced. 

Burgerish - I know we've only really know each other for a year now, but honestly the last year has gone so fast it's felt so much longer. You've been there for me through some honestly, strange things but you're someone I can rely on and call a friend. I'm happy that from when we first met to now, that things changed for the better <3. 

To those who have left along the way. It's a shame that you've left, or had to go. You've been apart of my life and most definitely left some changes behind. Some have left some seriously life long lessons behind which I will learn from, because experience is what teaches you. I will hold these lessons close. 
Thank you for being apart of the past 5 years, some who also know they've been there. Let's see what there is for the future.
- KatNip
I would never throw out your legos.

Weird to think that I still see you as a baby to this server, but now you're on 5 years ;¬;
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yayy kat ily
[Image: oE7TFS5.jpg]

Glad to have you around still, Kit-Kat. Some of the funniest moments we've had together still stick with me to this day. You will never be free from ever saying "honky tonk badonka donk" on a call though; that was glorious to hear.

Keep being yourself and know your limits so you that you may try to surpass them.
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"C'mon, let's keep it simple, huh?  He broke the rules, I banned him."

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